Teaching Philosophy

I believe a core aim of teaching is to foster reflexive, critical modes of thinking among students, to acknowledge and value difference and dissent. To do so I draw from decolonial pedagogies’ call for critical modes of thinking, for contestation and deconstruction of the taken-for granted assumptions and knowledges upon which our disciplines are built. I also strive to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for students, which respects and values individual learners and the ‘diversity of the minds’ of students, whether it be in terms of experiences, knowledges or learning styles. Following O’Leary’s advice of ‘turning it inside out’ (2002), I put the emphasis on the students, encouraging them to take ownership of their own learning and valuing their capacity as knowledge-producers.

This poster (prepared for the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, December 2019) summarizes the four core components of my teaching practice: 1) a commitment to inclusion by valuing difference; 2) teaching through questions, to foster critical thinking, problematization, academic engagement and encourage dissent; 3) a focus on students and on their own learning process; 4) and facilitating students in developing skills that are transferrable outside of the educational context (including critical thinking, teamwork, cooperation, listening, debating and oral communication).

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi

Experience as Graduate Teaching Assistant at LSE:

IR 200: Introduction to International Political Theory (Graduate Teaching Assistant, LSE, 2019-present)

As Associate Study Adviser with LSE LIFE:

LSE LIFE is a physical and virtual space where students can come to learn more about themselves, appraise their aptitudes, and reflect on the skills they need to achieve their goals; we offer one-to-one support, workshops, online resources and special events developed in collaboration with individual departments.

As a member of the LSE LIFE Study Advisers team (September 2019-present), I provide coaching and advice on academic, personal and professional matters, helping students develop the skills they need to progress further in academia, in the public or private sector. I have provided advice to hundreds of students on essay writing, dissertations, reading strategies, literature reviews, methodology, referencing, CV and cover letters.

Teaching Awards and Qualifications:

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK, July 2020)

Nominated for an LSE Student Union Teaching Award (Excellent Feedback and Communication, May 2020)